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Clear Mind & Body

Welcome to The Ahimsa Life! 

The ahimsa-based practices of pausing, looking ahead, empathizing, and choosing well move us closer to a stress-free life. If we have nothing to hide or regret and live that way as a practice, we live more simply and freely. This is yoga.

I’m so glad you’re here on this journey of learning about all things yoga, plant-based recipes, travel, and eco-living tips.


The Ahimsa Life offers both complimentary and paid courses in yoga, healthy lifestyle, detoxing, plant-based cooking, better sleep, and more!

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About Our School

How we became The Ahimsa Life

Hi, I’m Pamela!
I am so glad you found The Ahimsa Life. I am a Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, and Travel Lover who founded The Ahimsa Life to share all the things I love including yoga, plant-based recipes, travel, and eco-living tips.
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Many Styles

I offer Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, and more; always meeting you where you are in your yoga journey. 

Your Instructor

As a Professional Yoga Instructor and Health Coach I look at the content I create holistically and make sure its easy to add into your busy life. 

Quality Content

Classes, courses, and blog posts include: Yoga Nidra, healthy eating, goal setting, Yoga for weight loss and stress, mediations, and more. 

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