April 30 Day Challange – Health and Wellness

Spring is in the air and its time for a new series here on The Ahimsa Life!

Welcome to my new 30 day challenge series!

I have been wanting to shake things up a bit and focus on living a healthier and happier life this year. #goals

The inspiration I needed was found on my own bookshelf. Looking for something to read I was surprised at how many 30 days to a new life, 21 one day yoga challenge type books I had on my shelf. But had I EVER completed one, sad to say no. #procrastination

Ok enough with the hashtags.

Today that all ends!

For the month of April I am committing to –

  • Meditate every morning before starting my day
  • Actually hitting my water goal every day, no matter what!
  • Work out 6 days per week (hey we ALL need a break)
  • And once a week make time for some self care and ME time.

Today is day one. Knowing I was going to start this challenge today I did a little prepping to make it easier to actually complete the challenge this time.

Goal #1 – Morning Mediation practice

From time to time, I toyed with mediation here and there but never really carved out a time to practice on a regular basis. To prepare I downloaded the Calm App for my phone. I intend to use this app mostly, but I did notice that my Audible App also has free meditations and there are plenty of free guided meditations on YouTube as well. I am choosing to focus mostly on Calm because well, they track streaks and I wanted cute pics for my Insta and this blog.

For me it make most sense to meditaite in the morning and set my day off on the right foot. I have a pretty good morning routine and I am going to slide it in right after I get my puppies back in from their morning walk.

The biggest thing I am hoping to come out of having a daily meditation practice is to be more intentional with my day and get it started in the right mindset.

Goal #2 – 70 oz or more of water per day – every day

It’s weird but I have always had trouble drinking all required the water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I go in spurts and actually crave water and then drop off and only drink 20 oz any given day. I do not drink soda or any juices so it shouldn’t be that hard, but I have still failed.

I am using 3 1 liter bottles and using my reverse osmosis water filter. I like my water really cold so I am putting them in the Refridgerator every night to be ready for the morning.

I will be doing the majority of this challenge in Arizona at the start of the summer season. It has been a challenge getting used to desert life and making sure I am properly hydrated. I am also hoping this will help with my tummy issues and help with some mindless snacking that I tend to do when I am working from home.

Goal #3 – work out 6 days a week

This one should be the easiest for me. I used to be a Bikram junkie, but life happened and I made less and less time for working out. My preferred method is always yoga, I LOVE practicing and the calmness I get from it. But since my son loves the gym I promised to go with him sometimes too.

Membership to the gym, check! Yoga Studio schedule posted next to my desk? Double Check. And just in case I get too busy, I will be using online yoga classes or my home Elliptical and Peloton Bike to make this goal.

Goal 4 – Me time and Self care

Ok moms, you know what I mean here. Just once a week (hopefully more) I will make sure I do something just for me. Reading outside with a cup of tea, getting a massage or a facial, taking a long hot bath, watching a Ted talk or some great documentary I have had saved on Netflix just waiting to be watched.

I am hoping that this time gives me the opportunity to just slow down, learn something new and take care of myself.

So there you have it. I will be checking in on the blog and social media sites with my updates. How about you have you ever completed a 30 day challenge?”

What is Intermittent Fasting? And how you can try it


As a Health Coach we study a LOT of diets. Intermittent fasting has gotten a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason. Intermittent fasting for weight loss has proven to be helpful for a majority of people who try it, while also improving other health factors.

Here are the major benefits of intermittent fasting and how you can give it a try, without starving.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

When most people hear the word fasting, they think of starvation. The whole idea between intermittent fasting is that it doesn’t feel like a starvation diet, but more of a shift in the times or patterns of your eating. Essentially, intermittent fasting just changes when you eat, not how much or what.

When you eat food, your body spends hours digesting and absorbing the nutrients to power your body. It makes it hard for your body to burn fat during this time because your insulin levels are so high and it will use insulin for power instead of burning fat. Twelve hours after your last meal, your body will enter into a fasting state–the state where you can burn fat easier.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

When you do intermittent fasting, you don’t have to count calories or watch what you eat, you just need to eat only within your allotted time frame. This takes the burden out of dieting. It is not so much a diet as a lifestyle.

When you restrict the time that you can eat, this also naturally leads to eating fewer calories. You simply can’t eat as much as you normally could if you spread your meals out over the whole day and evening. This can help accelerate weight loss and can maybe even help extend your life. There have been numerous studies done on people who restrict their calories and how your body adapts to extend your life. The benefit of intermittent fasting is you don’t have to starve to get these benefits.

While the jury is still out, there has also been some research done regarding intermittent fasting and reducing cancer risk and cardiovascular disease. While more research obviously needs to be done, the idea is still promising.

How to Try Intermittent Fasting Yourself

While you can choose between daily, weekly and alternative day intermittent fasting, daily is the most widely used, and I think the easiest. With daily intermittent fasting, you allot yourself an 8 hour window to eat and fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day. The recommended eating window is 8:00am-2:00pm, however this is hard for many people to stick to. Socially, most people want to eat dinner with their friends and family and don’t want to be left sitting at the table with a glass of lemon water. If you work, lunches out are also a big part of your work week that you will also not want to skip. For that reason, it is much easier to move your first meal later in the day. A window of 10:00/10:30am-6:00/6:30pm is a much more sustainable option that won’t require much sacrifice.

In the end you’ll want to experiment with what times work the best for you. For some people a longer eating time makes things easier and they end up feeling better. For others, a much shorter time span is best. Try out different time frames and meals to make it work for you.

You can find a lot of resources online and numerous books on the subject to give your even more detail and insights, but in the end it really is just as easy as it sounds.

Let me know if you’ve tried it and how it worked out.


Preparing for Hand Surgery – Thumb Arthroplasty



Hello Ahimsa Lifers!
Well the time has come, I am going to have Thumb Arthtroplasty in just a few weeks.
If you are a follower of The Ahimsa Life you know I have struggled over the years with Diverticulitis, Micro Colitis (Specifically LC) and Arthritis. Arthritis seems to be very common in those of us who suffer from an IBD, and to make matters worse I spent much of my career working with my hands.

I have arthritis in both thumbs. I have had cortisone injections in both hands for years, I caved in and started taking NAIADS as well, but having an IBD, it might have helped my hands but it irritated my LC (Lymphostetic Colitis) so I had to stop taking them. I have done braces, ice, heat creams and more. My doctor has been offering me the surgery for about a year now, and I really just didn’t want to do it. Last year I tore a tendon in my right thumb and was in a cast for 6 weeks, the memory was fresh and I did not look forward to being in a cast for that long again.

Fast forward to today, well, I changed my mind. Long story short, over the last year the pain has gotten worse and nothing seems to be helping.

Knowing what its like to be in a hand cast so long, I am starting my preparations for both surgery day and after to make things easier. Here are my tips.

Surgery day –

Wear sweats, not leggings. They say be comfortable and last time I went in I wore a big sweatshirt and some leggings. I was thinking the leggings would be good since there was no zippers or buttons to have to fasten and they just pull on. Was I wrong! I still needed help getting them on because they are so darn tight, they do not seem tight at all when you have two working hands. This time I am opting for a loose pair of sweats, easy to pull up on my own.

As for the sweat shirt – The arm hole barley fit over my dressing. The soft cast you leave with is bulky, really bulky, you are sore and swollen. This time I plan on wearing one of my work out tanks with big loose arm holes and bringing this nice blanket scarf I just recently purchased in case I get cold. Its just like wearing a blanket, I got mine on Amazon for $25. I love it and wear it all the time.

Shoes – you will not be able to tie your shoes, you can have some one else get them on for you and tie them, but this time I will just wear a pair of slip on indoor/outdoor slippers I have for tooling about the yard.

I don’t bring my purse or any thing important. I give my husband my id and insurance card to hold. Last time I didn’t even bring my phone. This time I think I will, but only because I want to up date all of you on the procedure and want to take pictures. Speaking of which, I plan on posting here, but if your going to get this procedure done there are quiet a few Youtube videos up of people who have had it done.

Once you are home –

You are going to want to take it easy. I created a deep clean list for the house for the week prior so its all clean and pretty when I get home. I am the kind of person who, if there is a mess tends to want to get up and clean it. So, doing this in advance will help me relax once I get home.

On that note, I am pre making some food for the freezer. I tend to cook for every one here since I enjoy it so much, and with one hand its not going to be an easy task, between every one pitching in and the premade meals it will be much easier to get through these 6 weeks of recovery and be able to eat healthy home made cooking instead of eating out.

Showers – I went to Walgreens and purchased a cast cover that just pulls on to keep my cast clean and dry when I shower. You still can’t really shower like you could with two arms, but it makes things much easier. Last time I toyed with wrapping it in saran, or tying a garbage bag around it, but those tend to be sloppy and hard to handle, and I ended up getting the cover at the very end instead of messing with a DIY project every time I wanted to shower – its worth it. Here is another option on Amazon.

Hair- OK, so if you know me, you know I used to work in  the hair industry, and I like to do my hair every day. I decided this time around to prebook appointments with my hairdresser to get my hair washed and styled at least every week. My normal routine is wash dry and iron, and I will not be doing that on my own for the 6 weeks of recovery.  If you are a wash and go person, and if you can do your hair with one hand, then no need, for me this is a spurge, but I think it will make me feel better.

Lots of sweats and easy clothes – I cleaned out my closet yesterday – part of my deep clean to get the house ready for after surgery and took the time to pull out easy clothes to wear while in the cast. Getting every thing together before hand will really help.


That is what I have doen so far, I will make sure to update after my surgery and during the recover process. If you have any thing to add to my prep list I would love to hear it.




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I believe its important to cleanse our bodies from time to time.

When is the right time to cleanse?

When you need a jump start for weight loss, when you are feeling sluggish or when your body just doesn’t seem right.

However a lot of the detoxes and cleanses on the market can be intense. In this cleanse you will never feel hungry and will eat delicious whole foods. You will get rid of any thing processed, and feel what its like to thrive on delicious plant based foods.

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Is working with a Health Coach Right for You?

One thing you can always count on is that a health coach will be there to help set goals, action steps and to hold you accountable.  Health Coaches are invaluable to their clients, as well as to doctors and any of their partners. From helping transition from the Standard American diet to a new healthier way of eating, to helping reach your weight loss goals, working with a Health Coach, like me 🙂 will make the process so much easier.

Thinking about working with a health coach but your just not sure if it’s right for you? Here are some reasons why you might need a Health Coach.

Is working with a Health Coach Right for You?

  • It’s cheaper to be proactive than to pay for a triple by-pass. With insurance situations, it’s especially true now more than ever.
  • Has weight crept up on you without you realizing where it came from?  A health coach can help you break it down into manageable lifestyle changes that won’t throw you for a loop.
  • Are you feeling worn out and a little depressed?
  • Everyone else is eating better than you and you just want what is easy, like fast food.
  • Are you always getting sick, like you have no immune system working for you?
  • Would you like to set a better example for your family?
  • Do you have trouble sticking with a fitness plan?
  • Would you like to do a kitchen makeover and just start fresh?
  • You are stressed out with no realistic way to eliminate the causes.
  • You wish just once someone would listen to you and think about how you feel.
  • Do you have orders from your doctor that are confusing or hard to follow?

Health coaches can help with anything from introducing you to essential oils for natural remedies, to helping you to visualize and relax, to helping you to set goals, stick with them and then celebrate your wins with you!

Start the year out Right!  With a Health Coach.

Contact me for more information on how I can help you start 2018 off right!


About Me

I am a professional Health Coach. Long story short, I can help you loose weight and feel amazing.

Here are some things I just adore!

  1. My family. I met my husband in High School, and I fell hard, we have been together ever since. We have 3 of the most beautiful children you will ever see.
  2. My puppies Olive and Dexter, my other babies. They are not always the best behaved, but with faces like that how can I be mad for long?
  3. Healthy living. I spent quiet a few years unhealthy and unhappy. I was diagnosed with IBS (incorrectly) diverticulitis, Lymphocytic Colitis and Arthritis. I have had 3 surgeries, and enough of it. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and changed my entire life. Less stress, more yoga and meditation. Less junk and processed foods, in its place delicious plant based foods.
  4. Learning something new every day. Whether I am trying a new form of exercise, checking out a new recipe or taking more classes, there is always some thing new to learn.

More about my Experience – After a decade in the professional beauty industry working for large corporations, traveling non stop and working long hours left me lethargic, unhappy, and unhealthy. I was having migraines, and diagnosed with Diverticulitis, IBD and Arthritis. Tons of medications and doctors later I decided to take charge of my own health and enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting edge heath coach training program. During my training I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the worlds tops health and wellness experts.

My teachers included Dr Andrew Weil, Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Deepak Chopra,  leader in the field of mind body medicine; Dr David Katz, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center; Dr Walter Willet, Chair of Nutrition at Harvard University; Greene Roth, best selling Author and expert on emotional eating; Dr Neal Barnard, best selling author, clinical researcher, founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and many  other leading researchers and nutritional authorities. My education not only equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health, but it helped me heal myself.  I would love to do that for you. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them  make lifestyle changes that produce real lasting results.


At The Ahimsa Life we offer:

  • Private confidential appointments  via phone, Skype or in person
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How to maintain a Vegan Diet while traveling


How to maintain a Vegan diet while traveling

If you’re traveling on a plane, in a car or even  just down the block it does not always seem like it will be easy to maintain a Vegan diet. I traveled extensivly for work, from one coast to the other, and some times it can be a challenge. But I am here to tell you Eating healthy food while traveling from location to location can be easy peasy with a little planning. Whether you are a road warrior as I was or just taking a family trip, it can be done! Here some of my tips to maintain a Vegan diet while on the road.

1. Eat the Sides

The side dishes are often the most flavorful and best part of the menu, and that’s where you will find the complex carbs and vegetables will power you through your day. Vegetables, sweet potatoes and beans are often available separately, but together they make a powerful, healthy meal. During the time I spent out n the road for work I had to attend numerous team meetings at Steakhouses, some where I wouldn’t normally choose to go. But now I love putting together a great meal from the sides at a steakhouse. Seriously, Some of my healthiest dinners have been at a steakhouse, believe it or not, they normally put the most thought into the sides and have some of the freshest vegetables. It was pretty normal for me to hear “what are you having over there, or can I have some of that? from my Carnivorous co workers.

2. Start with a healthy choice.

It’s easier to find something healthy at an Asian restaurant or a Middle Eastern Restaurant than a dedicated burger stand or a hoagie shop. Set yourself up for success by choosing a diner that has at least a few good options on the menu, so you aren’t required to make your waitress write a short story in order to take your order. Indian Restaurants are my favorite on the road, you can easily find a few with buffets in every city, and the options are endless.

3. Make the Best Choice.

Choose wine and peanuts on the plane instead of a diet Coke and cookies. Grab a veggie burger at Burger King or veggie sub from Subway, if these are your only options work with what you have. My best suggestion is find a Whole foods. You can get tons of ready made meals, fruits vegetables  and snacks that you can eat in the dining area or take with you on the go.

Eating Out

Choose the right foods at these restaurants:

Asian: Miso soup: soy reduces risk of certain cancers and is linked to reduced risk of heart disease. Choose brown rice and vegetables in a spicy brown sauce will not only fill you up, but is a low-inflammatory food.

Italian: Whole grain pasta and marinara sauce with a generous side salad topped with a little olive oil-based Italian dressing. I mean even your meat eating friends would love this meal.

Steakhouse: Top a baked potato with mushrooms and veggies and enjoy a side of asparagus or carrots. Usually the wine lists are amazing at steak houses, so don’t miss your chance to indulge!

Breakfast: Eat oatmeal with non-dairy milk or water, dried fruit (excellent for bone health) and nuts (protect against heart disease and some cancers). Just a little brown sugar on top makes it perfectly delicious. Choose whole grain bread with peanut butter and jam if the oatmeal isn’t available.

Coffee House: Endless varieties of teas and coffee with non-dairy milk are available. Many coffee houses have oatmeal too.

Gas Stations: Choose nuts and fruit.


Cheat the System: Bring a favorite shake to enjoy when you’re on the go, so that food choices don’t take up too much of your time. Traveling with a blender or bullet makes fruit smoothies easy to prepare anywhere there’s a grocery store and a electrical outlet.

What Tea to drink for any ailment

It’s no secret I love a good cup of tea. I love buying little tea cups and cuddling up with a good book. My tea cabinet is overflowing with tons of little delicious bags and loose tea. But more recently I have been using tea for more then just a little relaxing.

Peppermint Tea is one of my favorite teas to drink, not only is it delicious, but it really helps the bloating and uneasy feeling I get in my stomach so often from IBD. Peppermint tea also promotes healthy digestion.

On that note, Ginger Teas are excellent when you are feeling nauseous, or any tummy upset. Also great for motion sickness!

Feeling that yearly cold coming on? Sip Elder Flower Tea. It can reduce nasal congestion especially when taken before bed. It can cut the duration of a cold when taken at first symptoms. Drink hot, 3-4 times a day.

Trying to get healthy or loose weight? Green Tea with help rev up that metabolism and is loaded with antioxidants! Green Tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, it has even been proven to boost brain function.

Camomile Tea is another winner – sip before bed to fight off those sleepless nights. Other benefits include reducing muscle spasms, period pain, and stress reduction. Camomile tea also gives you a powerful boost with its anti aging properties.

Do you have any favorite Teas?


Why you need a Hot Water Bottle

Once you start using a hot water bottle you won’t believe how you ever got along with out it!

A hot water bottle is one of the most useful, all purpose health care products you will ever use. It is designed to apply comfortable soothing heat therapy easily and conveniently to any part of the body.

Fill with hot water from the sink, a hot water bottle will stay warm for about 2 hours.

Uses –

  • Relax muscles
  • Or use for the entire body
  • Gives comfort
  • Delivers a deep state of relaxation
  •  Try using it on
  • Feet for warmth
  • Back for any kind of strain
  • Lower abdomen for cramps
  • Abdomen for any kind of digestion and relaxation

Note- I have gone through Diverticulitis and now an IBD with my Hot water bottle, it has gotten me through many flares.


Additional uses –

  •  Combats illnesses by being a warm and soothing companion through the flu, colds, chills, and aches.
  • Eases menstrual cramps
  • As a bed warmer on cold winter nights
  • To ease arthritic pain, moist heat is amazing for those aches and pains, especially for hands
  • To calm children, the warm cuddly hot water bottle gives them a secure feeling
  • As a traveling companion – take it with you on trips and hotel rooms will feel like home
  • To calm your pet – place under a blanket for a new puppy, it helps them feel warm and secure in new surroundings

Note – not intended for use on full grown Jack Russel Terriers, they love it and you will be getting your self a new Hot Water bottle 🙂

  • To encourage restful sleep – after a high stress day lie down with a hot water bottle on your stomach, close your eyes and breath deeply. Feel the bottle rise and fall. Its like a mediation and very relaxing!

Water – how much should you be drinking?

Your body is made up of between 60-75% water. It’s no surprise that how much water you drink effects your health. Too little water could cause dehydration, headaches and fatigue.

But how much should you drink?

On average Men should drink about 3 liters (13 cups) and Woman should drink 2.2 liters (9 cups) of water each day.

Lifestyle and other factors need to be taken into consideration. For example, the hydration in fruits and vegetables will increase your intake, while a regular jog outside in the heat will decrease your hydration making you need to increase your water intake.

When should you increase your water?

  • Hot humid temperatures
  • High altitude – specifically when flying
  • High exercise levels
  • When your sick especially when you are running a fever have diarrhea and are vomiting
  • infections of the urinary tract or bladder
  • When you are pregnant or are breast feeding
  • and when you are drinking alcohol


What is the best type of water?

There are so many water options! Right now in my very own kitchen I can get water through multiple sources. Let me go over a few

Tap water – the most available source, but not always the best choice. While some cities have great water purification systems other do  not. Research your cities Consumer Confidence Report to see if you need an at home filtration system.

Water Filters – can help remove contaminants from regular tap water. Easily available to purchase at most stores. Its important that you have looked into what is in your tap water so you can choose the best filter to remove it.

Distillation – Basically boiling water to remove impurities. Cheap and easy.

Bottled water – again widely available, however there are concerns about chemicals from the plastic bottles leaching into the water its holding as well as the effects of the increasing amount of plastic on the environment

Water Ionizers – raise the PH of water, if you are drinking this water make sure you are testing your PH for best results.