April 30 Day Challange – Health and Wellness

Spring is in the air and its time for a new series here on The Ahimsa Life!

Welcome to my new 30 day challenge series!

I have been wanting to shake things up a bit and focus on living a healthier and happier life this year. #goals

The inspiration I needed was found on my own bookshelf. Looking for something to read I was surprised at how many 30 days to a new life, 21 one day yoga challenge type books I had on my shelf. But had I EVER completed one, sad to say no. #procrastination

Ok enough with the hashtags.

Today that all ends!

For the month of April I am committing to –

  • Meditate every morning before starting my day
  • Actually hitting my water goal every day, no matter what!
  • Work out 6 days per week (hey we ALL need a break)
  • And once a week make time for some self care and ME time.

Today is day one. Knowing I was going to start this challenge today I did a little prepping to make it easier to actually complete the challenge this time.

Goal #1 – Morning Mediation practice

From time to time, I toyed with mediation here and there but never really carved out a time to practice on a regular basis. To prepare I downloaded the Calm App for my phone. I intend to use this app mostly, but I did notice that my Audible App also has free meditations and there are plenty of free guided meditations on YouTube as well. I am choosing to focus mostly on Calm because well, they track streaks and I wanted cute pics for my Insta and this blog.

For me it make most sense to meditaite in the morning and set my day off on the right foot. I have a pretty good morning routine and I am going to slide it in right after I get my puppies back in from their morning walk.

The biggest thing I am hoping to come out of having a daily meditation practice is to be more intentional with my day and get it started in the right mindset.

Goal #2 – 70 oz or more of water per day – every day

It’s weird but I have always had trouble drinking all required the water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I go in spurts and actually crave water and then drop off and only drink 20 oz any given day. I do not drink soda or any juices so it shouldn’t be that hard, but I have still failed.

I am using 3 1 liter bottles and using my reverse osmosis water filter. I like my water really cold so I am putting them in the Refridgerator every night to be ready for the morning.

I will be doing the majority of this challenge in Arizona at the start of the summer season. It has been a challenge getting used to desert life and making sure I am properly hydrated. I am also hoping this will help with my tummy issues and help with some mindless snacking that I tend to do when I am working from home.

Goal #3 – work out 6 days a week

This one should be the easiest for me. I used to be a Bikram junkie, but life happened and I made less and less time for working out. My preferred method is always yoga, I LOVE practicing and the calmness I get from it. But since my son loves the gym I promised to go with him sometimes too.

Membership to the gym, check! Yoga Studio schedule posted next to my desk? Double Check. And just in case I get too busy, I will be using online yoga classes or my home Elliptical and Peloton Bike to make this goal.

Goal 4 – Me time and Self care

Ok moms, you know what I mean here. Just once a week (hopefully more) I will make sure I do something just for me. Reading outside with a cup of tea, getting a massage or a facial, taking a long hot bath, watching a Ted talk or some great documentary I have had saved on Netflix just waiting to be watched.

I am hoping that this time gives me the opportunity to just slow down, learn something new and take care of myself.

So there you have it. I will be checking in on the blog and social media sites with my updates. How about you have you ever completed a 30 day challenge?”

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