The Ahimsa Life Group Cleanse is happening March 1st!


Ever think about doing a cleanse and just didn’t know where to start?

Sign up for my 7 day cleanse at!

I can guide you through a safe and effective detox program where you not only loose some weight, but you will feel rejuvenated and energized!

I believe its important to cleanse our bodies from time to time.

When is the right time to cleanse?

When you need a jump start for weight loss, when you are feeling sluggish or when your body just doesn’t seem right.

However a lot of the detoxes and cleanses on the market can be intense. In this cleanse you will never feel hungry and will eat delicious whole foods. You will get rid of any thing processed, and feel what its like to thrive on delicious plant based foods.

I will support you the entire way with tips, meal plans, recipes, and all the motivation you need to make this one week the start of a new healthy life.


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The cleanse starts March 1st sign up now for the early bird discount price of $97

Price after Feburary 19th –  $147


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