March 2022 Full Worm Moon Rituals

Keep your energy high and recharge during this full moon with your own full moon rituals.

Every full moon is given a name.

March is called the “worm moon” to signify the beginning of spring.

This full moon occurs before the spring equinox, it marks the warming of the ground and beginning of planting season; hence, the name Worm Moon with the earthworms that come out of hibernation.

The worm moon is about starting fresh. A new beginning, spring cleaning, resetting, and taking stock.

In practical terms –

Get your shit together and get your house in order.

Don’t know where to start? No worries, here is a list of some of the full moon rituals that I use to recharge and refocus.

Full Worm Moon Rituals-

1. Stay in the house. Energy is high. There is a reason why the full moon has a reputation for things getting weird. Stay inside and work on your own energy. Boost your energy by listening to some high vibe music, making a play list or listening to one of my favorites here.

2. Have a nice soak in the bath with Himalayan salt or Epsom salt in the moonlight. Both remove toxins from the body. With moonlight, your water is supercharged.

3. Clear the energy in your house with a spiritual burn using Sage, bay leaves, or Palo Alto.

4. Remove negative energy and bring in good energy with frankincense and myrrh. You can use incense or, give your home an energy boost with some essential oil drops in a bucket to wash your floors or walls.

5. Turn off all technology. Turn off lights and open your window coverings so the moonlight spills in.

6. Recharge or charge crystals. If you love crystals, you know the power they have when you use them. Placing them in the moon zaps them with super energy. Click here for ways I love to charge my crystals.

7. Eat a raw plant-based meal. Give that digestion a break for one night. Bonus points for adding a nice non-caffeinated, herbal tea for calm and focus. Don’t add any sugar.

8. Wash your sheets and bedding then sprinkle sheets with essential oils to invoke a fresh start and a fresh perspective. I like using lavender, rose, frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and sweet orange/

9. Fill up a beautiful glass full of water and place it near your bed. The water will help keep you moisturized and help you sleep better. If you’re more into spirituality, a cup of water near your bed is said to promote dreaming, visions, and messages that come to you while you sleep.

10. Drink lemon water about 1 hour before going to bed. It restores the ph balance in your body for an internal reset.

11. Rewrite career and money goals. This is an amazing time to call in abundance.

12. Wash your hair. Add sandalwood and myrrh to shampoo. It’s good for curving bacteria and used to promote blessings and block negative energy.

13. Wear white or light colors so that you can meditate or keep your intentions focused on where they need to be.

14. Set good intentions with your meditation. Write and say out loud all that you’re grateful for, and all the things about you that are beautiful and powerful. Forgive yourself for anything you are holding on to – Let it go.

15. Read in a quiet room.

Which rituals are you planning on adding into your Full Moon?

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