My Favorite Tofu Scramble Recipe

The Best Tofu Scramble I have ever had.

Being plant-based for over 15 years. I have had a lot of Tofu Scrambles.

I still can remember the first trip I took to San Fransico after giving up animal products. My husband and I visited so many amazing restaurants on that trip that even he was declaring that he would give up animal products too if he could eat like that every day!

Being so new at eating a plant-based diet at the time, I didn’t know San Francisco is a veg restaurant mecca. Not all cities had this concentration of vegan restaurants, both quick service and fine dining to choose from. It was a pleasant surprise but once I got home it was clear if you want to eat good plant-based foods, you most likely will have to learn to cook it yourself.

Our trip to San Fransico has always been one of the biggest influences on how I cook my meat-free meals. I had so many dishes there that I loved and countless meals I have tried to recreate at home.

My Tofu Scramble

Which is where this recipe started. I really have never been an egg person, but give me a good tofu scramble and I will lick the plate clean. For me, this is a dish I order out all the time and have regularly been disappointed.

I can just look at it and immediately tell if I am going to like it or not. If it comes to the table and it’s just a bunch of white crumbled tofu and some veg, nope. No way. For me, a really great tofu scramble will come out a beautiful yellow, loaded with yummy turmeric, you will be able to see the onion and spices, and can stand on its own without any added vegetables.

Over the years I have borrowed here and there from every great scramble I have had and came up with this recipe. In my house full of vegans and non-vegans we never have leftovers. But if you do, it keeps great and reheats amazingly.

Another note. I like to use the extra-firm tofu that comes in a bag the best for this dish. I have used the tofu that comes in a plastic tray or box, and it is a little too soft for me. This tofu gives it the perfect texture.

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