Prepping for Yoga teacher training – 3 months to go!

If you have been following my journey you know that I only have 3 months left before I start my teacher training!!

3 months ago I wrote a post about how I was planning to prepare for my training and since I am at the halfway point I thought this was a great time to update my status.

I am scheduled to start my Teacher Training in January 2020, I will be doing a 9-month program here in my home town. Honesty, I am kind of second-guessing that choice. I am so excited, I don’t really want to wait for it anymore. There is a more intensive 30-day program that gets you up and running right away. In the program I signed up for, we meet one weekend a month for nine months. I guess I just need to focus on why I chose this program, and be patient. Read my post on why I chose this program here

In the meantime, I created a little plan for my self to get prepared. If you have not read that post click here before you go on to my update on how things are going.

Here we go!

Practice – my goal was to get on my mat every day. Whether it was at home or at my favorite studio I have been pretty disciplined in keeping that promise. I missed 4 days in the last 3 months, 3 for travel and one I had family commitments that took priority. In general, I am happy with that, I never want my practice to become a chore or something I have to check off my list.

On that note, trying to maintain a daily practice as really made confidence in my poses and knowledge about yoga soar! Just being in yoga so much makes it easy to soak it all in. I have even tried to do some poses for one reason or another I resist, like inversions and backbends (I am looking at you Camel Pose) I think its a mind thing for me, and not a lot of confidence in my core strength. My daily practice is slowly but surely changing all that.

Read – I have been reading a lot of material about yoga. I read 3 books on my list, countless blog posts and of course Yoga Journal magazine. I listened to 3 yoga biographies on my Audible, which made getting in some knowledge easy during my drive time. And speaking of listening I am going to count podcasts here, I have found a lot of podcasts that I love as well. So many, in fact, I am planning on a post just on just the yoga podcasts I love.

The amount of reading I am doing along with my daily practice is really immersing me into the entire yoga lifestyle. Since I started prepping for my YTT my knowledge and skill have just exploded and now I understand the yoginis I see who walk around just oozing with that yoga glow.

Eat – Definitely an area I could be better in. Travel and generally being busy got me on this one. I am not saying that I eat bad, I have been mostly vegan for over 10 years. But, I would like to transition to vegan, gluten-free (Not celiac but intolerant) and whole foods. When I get busy I tend to eat quick things. Moving forward I will focus more on prepping ahead for those busy times so I can stick to whole foods.

Mindfulness – I made huge strides here. I am enjoying this process so much it seems easy to really be present in class and to take time to sit outside with the books I am reading instead of sitting in front of Netflix. I used to be more of a multitasker, but now if I am talking to my son, I am only doing that. If I am cleaning, I am only cleaning and so on.

I thought I was pretty productive juggling multiple tasks, but really I wasn‘t.

Now that I am focusing on just doing one thing at a time I am prioritizing the important things and everything else can wait or drop off my list entirely.

Another update – I have been the only student signed up for the 2020 Yoga Teacher Training at my studio since they opened up enrollment after the last training started in January 2019.

The 2019 training is graduating two students this month. I knew the 2020 training I would most likley be in a small group. My school’s biggest class since they started doing Yoga Teacher Training only had 12 students. This is actually the reason I chose this school, so I wasnt just a namless person lost in a sea of aspiring yogis. But, just a few weeks ago I talked with my future teacher and she said she had 4 more people reach out to her about the training! I am excited that as we get closer more and more people are reaching out. I think it would be great to have a little group to share and practice with.

I will keep you updated!

Namaste –


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