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At The Ahimsa Life we offer:

  • Private confidential appointments  via phone, Skype or in person
  • 30 challenge program
  • 7 day whole foods cleanse
  • Home Pantry makeovers
  • Cooking, vegan, and healthy lifestyle tricks and tips


7 day Seasonal Cleanse-

Take 7 days to change your life. Loose weight while eating whole nourishing foods, break cravings and learn some great new recipes your family will love.

Registration for The New Year Detox Cleanse is now open! Start the new year off right. Have fun with a program that reduces inflammation, boosts your energy, and allows you to loose weight naturally eating amazing whole foods! You will receive support with your cleanse via our private Facebook group, group calls, support material, and daily motivational emails. Full price $147, register by December 21st and save $50. To learn more and register click here!

Private Coaching- 

A custom coaching program developed with your lifestyle, desires and specific goals in mind. Have you tried on your own before and never seemed to stick with it? It might be time to partner up! As your Health Coach I will help you get clear on your goals, I will share practical tools, and materials to help you reach your dreams. Its much harder to go at it alone, and so much more fun with a partner. The 50 minute one on one sessions will be conducted in person, on the phone or via Skype.

Packages available.


30 day challenge-

Our 30 day challenge will start on January 1st! Sign up for free and get an entire month of tips, recipes, and helpful hints on losing weight and becoming the healthiest you can be in 2016.

Want to join? click here.





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