The One Exercise You Need to Do to in Order Reach Your Goals

Recently I did a goal-setting exercise that really changed the way I worked towards my goals.

It was so life-changing for me I wanted to share it with you.

First, I gathered a notebook and some pens I love writing it all out, but, you do what you like!

This exercise can also be done on a computer or even in your head. For me, I wanted to be able to go back to the notebook and check in every so often to make sure that I was on the right track.

I like lighting a candle making some tea and putting on my manifestation playlist or some music you love before I get started.

I am not sure where this originally came from, I would love to give them the credit they deserve. I found it searching around Pinterest one day and it really was a game-changer. If you know, drop a comment!

Now, let’s start dreaming about your goal.

Think of a someday goal, make it something that you feel is out of reach for you now. You know that pie in the sky dream..the one you daydream about. Something that you find yourself thinking about over and over but that you have not made any progress towards.

The first time I tried this exercise, I really wanted to go to Yoga Teacher Training. I obsessively follow yogis on Instagram, read yoga books, and tried to master poses. But I always put it off, thinking I was not ready. To find out more about how I prepped for my YTT click here.

I never felt ready. Should spend more time on my practice? I will sign up when I am in better shape. And of course, the dreaded when I have more time. These were all thoughts that floated through my head and convinced me not to take the plunge.

I didn’t want to just take the training, my dream had me teaching full classes and workshops locally. I wanted to be the teacher called on to help train other yoga students to get their certification. To be running a successful health and wellness blog with a massive social media following, jetting off to exotic locations around the world 3-4 times a year and leading travelers at Yoga and meditation retreats.

I am not kidding you, these are the things I think about, I even had classes sequenced, and workshops planned! But the key here is I just thought about them, I needed to find a way to take action towards my goal.

Imagine your goal,

Your life in 5 years. Spend some time really thinking about the details. What does your life look like when you have that goal. I walked myself through a day in my life from getting up in the. morning all the way to going back to sleep at night.

Where do you have to be 5 years from now to make that a reality? For me, I would need to have finished Yoga teacher training, have certifications in my specialties like meditation, have a relationship with local studios if I want to teach there, start writing down all my ideas for workshops and retreats, keep writing on this blog, and continue posting on my social media and building that base of followers.

Now for this to work we really need to keep breaking those goals down.

If in 5 years I need to be done with YTT (yoga teacher training), have chosen a specialty, have a good working relationship with local studios, and have a crazy fanbase online to go to my events and classes, then one year from now, I need to at least be graduating from YTT, and getting social online and with local studio owners. I need to be looking up and researching specialty training for additional certificates. If I am going to be good enough to fill up my classes, retreats, and workshops I better make sure that I have a job teaching locally. Learn how to find my voice as a teacher, keep practicing, and always keep learning.

If that’s my goal in 1 year, 6 months from now what do I need to be doing to get there in a year? 6 months I would need to be in a training to be a Yoga Teacher.

Knowing that my goals include being in yoga teacher training for 6 months, from now, I better have a regular yoga practice. Start getting my body and mind ready for the rigors of training. To do that I will focus on getting to the studio and honing my home practice. I will up my meditation practice. Help ease the stresses I will go through and make sure my home is clean and organized. This will make it easier for me to be gone at training and focus better while there.

You get the idea right?

So if in one month I am doing all that, this week what can I do to get started right now? Easy, go to class, take time to read my yoga books, and enlist my family to help to get the house in order.

The key is to keep drilling down on the details and action steps you need to do every day to get you to your someday goal.

What are your goals? Have you tried any goal-setting exercises that worked for you?

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